Sunday, 13 April 2014

Palm Sunday, Year A

What we sang 

  • Entrance:   All ye who Seek a Comfort Sure - African arrangement
  • Psalm: - we didn't
  • Offertory:   Hosanna - Carl Tuttle
  • Communion:  Soul of my Saviour
  • Sending:   All ye who Seek a Comfort Sure  -   again!

What I'd like to have sung

No one in Ireland seems to have heard of the W Jabusch "The King of Glory" which is in my mind as the classic for Palm Sunday.   The classic here is "All Glory Laud and Honour" - but I'm not keen on it myself.

Our African community picked music this week, so the choices are from their repertoire combined with what they think of as the core Irish hymns.   The repetition of the opening hymn at the end, instead of the planned African one was a last minute thing - I didn't quite understand the reason, sometimes you just have to go with things!

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