Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Congregations, Choirs and Soloists

Ran across this website while searching - the guy's home page is broken but the sub pages all work.

Some very well put thoughts about the role of musicians and soloists,:

"... the assembly in the pews is the principal choir at Liturgy." 

"The job of all musicians, be they instrumentalists or singers, is to help facilitate the “full, active and conscious participation of the faithful.” 

" Soloists ... have the special ministry of delivering a piece of music ... in such a way that the assembly is inspired, encouraged, indeed, compelled, to participate in the “prayer” of the solo ... The intention of the solo is to use the inherent artistry of the piece and the prayerful talent of the musician to lift the level of engagement of the listeners from that of passive observation, to active participation." 

"The focus for a moment may be on the soloist who is offering the music, but the clear and authentic intent of the offering is to deftly channel the energy directed momentarily at the performer, to the prayerful content of the music, and then, in turn, to galvanize that prayerful, spiritual energy into a communal experience that transcends the personal performance of the soloist."

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