Monday, 9 November 2015

Bad Catholic Music is not a thing

Some conservative Catholics have an amazing inability to comprehend just how wide their church is, and that their sensibilities are not the same as everyone else's.

This guy has a rant about what he calls "Bad Catholic Music" (BCM allegedly).

He has not problem with saying that he stopping going to Mass for a while because he didn't like the music.
"I don’t recommend it – but it worked, because the only place you encounter those smug, gloopy songs is a modern Catholic church"
I think this gives a pretty good insight into the role that Eucharist played in his spiritual life at the time: he could have easily enough found a music-less Mass, or even just offered-up his sufferings for the greater good: Instead, he stopped going and blamed it on other people's music choices, rather than take responsibility for his own spiritual state. Now he's found places that play the chunes he likes, he's back again - arguably to worship Hayden, Byrd, and whoever else.

Good for him.   I hope God can work effectively in his life, using the means that God has for communicating with him.

But I cannot agree that his "high art" musical tastes represent everyone else's pathway to God too. God is just too big to be limited to one genre, one motif, one groove.

And do not even start me on how a song can "be" Catholic.    

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