Thursday, 7 January 2016

The same locus of faith

It's not often I find gems worth keeping on the Chant Café.

But there's one today here:
On the other hand, when those who take the responsibilities of liturgical office arrive at some belief that the vagaries of propriety and canon mitigates and dismisses all other concerns that are part and parcel of ritual and worship by HUMAN BEINGS, then they risk not recognizing Christ at their own doors. They put on blinders to the reality that those whom they serve are not likely all at the same locus of faith.

Just to repeat the key phrase:
"those whom they serve are not likely all at the same locus of faith"

A mature adult faith may well be nurtured by does of dignified, beautiful Latin hymns delivered in a measured pace with decorum.

But to the average child or teenager (not the musical prodigy, just the average one) such treasures will be the aural equivalent of eating sawdust.

Keep the polished gems for sure. But be aware that they weren't the church's music in Jesus time, and they're not necessarily Jesus voice for the youth (and indeed many adults) of today, either.

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