Sunday, 12 March 2017

You have to meet people at least half-way - not turn them off with your exquisite taste

Just found this piece from a pastor who understands why tasteful music cannot be used everywhere.   'Tis a few years after it was published, but still totally relevant.

Two great quotes:
So, whether it’s Kendrick or Byrd, Estelle White or Mozart; the important thing is that it is received. It is not my job to educate people in taste; I am supposed to educate them in sound doctrine, and I will be able to do so more efficiently in a context where they feel comfortable.

My people are wonderful people, and as far as I am concerned, the important thing is that they are here at Mass. Our church is full each Sunday, thanks be to God, and if the cost of that is dreadful music, then bring on the tambourines!

I'm going to make some use of these.

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