Monday, 24 February 2014

7th Sunday of Ordinary Time, Year c

What we sang 

The African community were leading this week's music, and didn't have their usual resources at the planning meeting.   So we ended up with hymns they know from home, which are more-ore-less in the parish repertoire, too.

  • Entrance:  How Great is our God
  • Psalm:  We didn't   :-(
  • Offertory:  Take our Bread - Joe Wise
  • Communion:  Give Thanks - Henry Smith
  • Sending:   Give me Joy in my Heart

What I'd like to have sung:

The psalm made me think of "I Will Bless the Lord" by Frank Hermandez. I couldn't work out why 'til I looked up the words of verse 1 again:
 "Our God is gracious and merciful,
Great in kindness and good to all,
Our God is righteous in every way,
We bless you Lord and give you praise. "
(thought I'm pretty sure that the original was a little less inclusive language based!).

And it's totally unsuitable for most Masses, but the "Love the Lord your God" round has a special place in my musical memory, too.

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