Monday, 25 August 2014

Hymns we might like to learn

This post lists hymns which I've come across, which the parish might like to learn "sometime" - if the right time arises:

Center of My Life - Paul Inwood:

In Perfect Charity -

The Lord is my Life
Michael Joncas

We Have been Told

Jesus Christ, You are my Life

Jesus Christ, you are my life,
alleluia, alleluia.
Jesus Christ, you are my life 
You are my life, alleluia.
He calls us to the waters of life
He pours out his love into our heart
Jesus comes to us in our hearts
Glory to God forever.
1.  Be our Way, our Truth, and our Life 
Form us anew in how you died 
We embrace the cross that you bore
and will arise in glory.

2.  Holy fire, come dwell in each heart
 Grant us the gifts your love imparts 
Free our tongues to boldly proclaim 
"Jesus is Lord forever!"
3.  Break the yoke of violence and war 
Open the hearts of rich to poor 
Nations bound by terror and fear 
long to embrace your freedom.

4.  Senseless walls of hatred divide, 
vengeance destroys and fear misguides.
Teach us mercy: hope for new life 
for you alone are holy! 

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