Sunday, 30 March 2014

4th Sunday of Lent, Year A

What we sang 

  • Entrance:   Here I am Lord - Dan Schutte
  • Psalm:       The Lord's my Shepherd - CRIMOND
  • Offertory:  Open my Eyes Lord - Jesse Manibusan
  • Communion:   You are Near - Dan Schutte 
  • Sending:          Amazing Grace
  • Impromptu afterwards:   A Mother's Love is a Blessing

What I'd like to have sung

Today it looked like we weren't going to have a musician, so the first-cut list was based on what I had backing tracks that I think the congregation would sing to without strong leadership.   (We haven't tried unaccompanied since moving to the new building.)

However it turned out that a strong musician was available after all, so we switched off the CD player, and she had a sense of using "You are Near" instead of the instrumental "God of Mercy and Compassion" that was planned.    Didn't try to change any of the rest at short notice, though.

City of God fitted the readings a little better, but we thought it was a little too cheerful for Lent, and also because the parish mass included a memorial for the brother of one of our leadership team - a lovely man who's done an incredible amount for the parish.

And I wish I'd had a backing track for something appropriate for Mother's Day - must keep an eye out for that.

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