Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Use of music is the New Testament vs Old Testament

Spotted this interesting sentence in a mailing list that I read:
"Music is mentioned fairly infrequently in the New Testament ... but in both spots that Paul mentions it, he mentions it in the context of the congregation doing things to each other (encourage, admonish). We seem to have flipped this and think one of two things; it's either the congregants doing something to/for God, or it's the stage-peeps doing something to/for the congregants.
This should not be. It should be to glorify God and to encourage each other. No "worship bubbles" where I just praise God in my own way and forget anyone else is around, and no "audience" worship, where I just watch someone else worship..."

This is one of those ideas what I'd love to unpack some more, and dig into questions like:

  • What's the difference in use of music in the OT and NT?
  • What does this difference tell us about how Christ-focussed liturgy should be?

It's going to have to wait until another day though:  so many interesting topics, so little time!

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